7th Cousins By Erin Brubacher and Christine Brubaker on June 3rd, 2018 at 1 pm

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7th Cousins  By Erin Brubacher and Christine Brubaker on June 3rd, 2018 at 1 pm

7th Cousins

By Erin Brubacher and Christine Brubaker




Sunday, June 3, 2018 


Activity Room (lower level), Ismaili Centre Toronto


Registration:        12:30 pm

Performance:      1:00 pm (post-performance tour at  2:30 pm)

With each performance, audience members will have the opportunity to experience an informative 30-minute tour of the beautiful Ismaili Centre.

Please register here if you are interested in taking the tour.

Event Description:

Nightwood Theatre and the Ismaili Centre, Toronto present a 7th Cousins production.

From July 7- August 6, 2015, Erin and Christine walked 700km from Pennsylvania to Ontario.  A stranger asked if they were walking to learn how to work and be together.  This was certainly part of it.  7th Cousins is ultimately about co-existence and being together; exploring how we live with our different versions of our shared pasts and presents.

When we first met five years ago, a shared Mennonite ancestry and cursory knowledge of each other in the artistic community was all we had.  We wondered what we might make together based on no more or less than a shared name.  We later discovered that our ancestors, Abraham and John Brubacher, fleeing religious persecution, emigrated together from Switzerland, on the same boat in 1754.  In the early 1800s, their descendants travelled on foot from Pennsylvania to Southern Ontario.  In 2015, we traced this journey together, walking over 700km in 32-days

Written and performed by Christine Brubaker and Erin Brubacher

Collaborators:  Christine Stanton, Andrea Nann, Kaitlin Hickey and Erum Khan

Read about the cousin’s journey in this piece in CBC Arts by Lise Hosein

Ticket Price$15.00 

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